Our Team

The team at Bay Audio Visual is experienced, passionate and dedicated to delivering top notch service and superior audio visual solutions throughout the Bay of Plenty.

To get to know the team who could be working on your next event, see below…

Name : Cian O Cinnseala

Title :   Production Manager

Cian started with us 10 years ago when we were based at Baycourt Theatre.

When he’s not typing emails, ticking boxes or attending meetings he can be found on the football pitch shouting at teammates to try harder.

And when not on the football pitch he can be found hidden away in his home-recording studio, twiddling knobs and buttons up until all hours of the night.

Name : Mark Affleck

Title :   Senior Technician

Mark is the newbie who started with us in May 2016.

Having lived down south with his family for a few years, he moved up to the sunny bay to get back into the industry he loves. When Mark is not designing and quoting your event he can be found endlessly discussing sound engineering and production with whoever will listen, or re-living the glory days when he was much thinner, his hair was much longer, and his guitar was much louder.

Name : Dylan Fry

Title :   Technician

Dylan, who started at Bay Audio Visual in 2014, is a self-confessed technology junky with a flair for anything lighting or audio visual.

He’s methodical in his approach to every challenge put to him, and his keenness to include more lights on jobs is legendary – he’s known for even incorporating four-way blinders into a corporate conference!

When Dylan is not behind the grand MA desk programming the lights, he can be found behind his Xbox gaming console causing havoc to the international gaming community or out and about with his dog by his side and camera in hand.

Name : Jordan ‘The Executioner’ Baldock

Title :   Production Supervisor

Having started off at Bay Audio Visual in Gateway during college, Jordan soon proved his worth. He quickly rose through the ranks to became a full time technician.

Internally called “The Executioner” it is Jordan’s job to ensure every event is planned down to the smallest detail and that everything runs as organised throughout.

Vision directing, corporate screen design and building Powerpoint presentations are only a few of the things he does gets up to on day to day basis. In his down time he can be found at Tauranga Musical Theatre doing Lighting Design or setting up for upcoming shows.

Name : Annette Smither

Title :   Technician

Annette has been with the Bay Audio Visual team since 2015, after completing a diploma in music production.

Her job is to look after the audio department. She runs a tight ship, and is methodical and thorough in planning for events, leaving no stone unturned. With a keen ear for anything audio, Annette is also a highly accomplished guitarist.

When she’s not tuning the sound system Annette can be found helping out muso’s around the bay, renovating her home or running her teens to and from school, work and play.  During her down time you may spot her chilling in her flat bottomed dingy aptly named “No Fat Chicks”.